MK Megasquirt Zetec first start

After changing engine to a 2litre silvertop Zetec from the Pinto

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2.0 Zetec Suzuki GSXR throttle bodies Megasquirt
2.0 Zetec Suzuki throttle bodies GKD Evolution Kit Car

locost zetec blactop r1 carbs
gaźnikach zrobione następujące mody :dysze rozwiercone do 1.85, podniesione iglice, regulacja składu na jałowym, synchronizacja

Starting up the Zetec 2.0 Turbo
Starting up my engine after a new battery install

Car Hacking: Using a Megasquirt ECU with a 1983 Datsun Z
Bil Herd hack a car that is old and near and dear to his heart, the Datsun 280ZXT. The stock ECU is replaced with a Megasquirt based controller that offers full programmability and learning. Disclaimer: Everything shown is for off road use only or for cars built before emissions control. Read the entire article: Endslate Music by Kevin MacLeod at