Lifted Subaru loyale fun

Playing in my lifted loyale

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EA82 Lifted Subaru Sweetness
Some Sweet Sounds from the Beast,Fresh EA82, 2.25" Straight Piped cat back, Delta Cams, Custom Intake, Naked T Belts, 6" SOS Lift and a few more goodies

Lifted Subaru 91 Loyale Straight Pipe
My 91, 6 Inch Lift, Delta Cams, Ported Heads, 2" catback Straight Pipe, Dark Video but sweet EA82 Sounds!

Subaru FUN with Clifford And Friends
Clifford and Friends having fun off road in lifted Subaru's....Playing in mud mud mud. 2009 Oregon CLIFFORD has a 3inch lift, Outback struts... Giving it a 12 1/2inch clearance at rear dif, 5 speed D-R, Rear Limited Slip Differential, Snorkel, 30inch Big Horne Tires, 15inch Forester rims, Outback muffler, 2003 Outback roof rack, custom drive line extended 5inches, modified fly wheel, custom bumpers, CB & GPS

Subaru RX off-road 1
Ej22 engine. Full time 4wd, center diff lock 1.59 low range, 3.700 final ratio. 6cm bodylift. 5cm suspension lift. 31x10.5 R15 tyres