Saab 93 2000MY - strange noise - SOLVED!

Strange noise coming from the engine compartment - starts about 20 secs in - seems to start after when the engine's good and warm but not related to revs. Comes and goes - any ideas? Update 30/11/08. A few weeks after I posted this clip, one of the idler pulleys seized and the drive belt disintegrated at a repair cost, inc recovery, of £250! However, this was NOT the cause of the noise on this clip... the clutch bearing on the AC compressor was found to be worn - this needed a new compressor - £250 if you hunt around - and a further £180 to fit and re-gas. Owning Saabs is apparently not cheap :-)

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Need help on my 97 Saab 900 w/ turbo. Got it to run, but now have an odd clicking noise. I really cant tell if its internal or just a pulley. Possible causes i've been considering are: Engine Knock, Pulley Tensioner, or warped pulley. The noise in on passenger side of engine, lower quadrant, any help would be appreciated.

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