06 F350 Clearing a parking lot

Our f350 plowing at another parking lot we clear.

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F350 & 2500HD plowing
EDIT- For those of you who insist on posting comments about how this method is inefficient or whatever else along those lines, and that you haven't read any of our responses to similar comments, pay attention. They were only doing this for the video. This was the end of our route, it is our local family church on a Thursday. No services, so we pulled in there to shoot this video only. Not trying to show off any skills or anything, so everyone just relax. 2500HD with Boss 9'2" and F350 with Boss 9'2" + wings (11' total) pushing some snow at our church.

Justice snow plow pickup plowing
This is one of the snow plow pickups with the Village of Justice plowing snow after the Blizzard of 2011. The Village of Justice has Internationals and a Ford, then they have a smaller Ford dump truck and Ford pickups and lets not forget this Dodge.

How not to plow
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