Commander Riker's Trying To Sell.....Some Type Of Crap...

What the hell? The Enterprise Solution eh? Sounds like you're pitching a load of Number 2 there, Number One. 10/19/14 UPDATE! Found out a little bit more about this commercial. Wilson Maffetano left a comment as well as a link detailing some of the specifics behind this. Very nifty. Essentially this was part of a series of promos that were distributed to potential customers. Nifty. Here's a link to see more.

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Commander Riker is CRAZY!!!
I love watching Jonathan Frakes go over the top.

No You CAN'T Don't Even Try
Riker finds himself to be the captain of the enterprise after coming out of a 16 year coma, but the crew doesn't seem quite right.. Star Trek TNG Season 4 Episode 8 Future Imperfect

The Badassery of Commander Riker
Star Trek: The Next Generation: S3E8-The Price an alien race discovers a natural resource in the form of a wormhole that spans part of the milky way, yet they cannot harness it's resources. devinoni ral, a manipulative and morally-deprived human/betazoid, represents a race called the that is in the auction for the natural resource along with the ferengi alliance, the federation and a few others. ral, infatuated with deanna troi, attempts to intimidate will riker, representative of the federation in said auction, with reminiscence of his past with her and thoroughly fails, despite his empathic abilities. the episode is "the price". _ ... clip borrowed by wiximar. i do not claim the rights of this footage. star trek the next generation the price

Auto destruct on Star Trek
Firstly, I know the last few explosions aren't auto-destructs, but I like the way they look. This is a video of most of the self-destruct and auto-destructs on Star Trek. I like how Captain Janeway can order a self-destruct by herself, but when the male Captains call for a destruct sequence, the computer asks for 'additional authorisation'.