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Our good friend with his amazing little engine that could. Stock motor on 9 psi making 251 WHP

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MX-5 NC Turbo test drive
Begi S3 turbo kit, forged pistons (8:1), forged rods , stock Exhaust, 1,2 bar (17 psi), GT2860RS, 550cc injectors Thx : promotormocy.pl , moto-east.com

Flyin Miata FM IIR turbo dyno run 448 hp 402 lb/ft
The FM IIR is the latest evolution of Flyin' Miata's famous turbo system. It incorporates an external wastegate with a divorced downpipe and a big GT3071R turbo. In this case, the turbo is mounted on one of FM's 2.0 stroker motors. It's running on E85 fuel using an FM Big Fuel kit and ignition is handled by a set of LS3 coils courtesy of FM's Big Spark kit. The Exhaust is an FM 3" system. This run made 448 hp and 402 lb/ft, which is just about as much as our Dyno can handle before we hit the torque limits of the wheel units. It was also getting close to the limit of the 1000cc injectors, although the FM Big Fuel kit wasn't having any trouble moving the fuel. This is the first time I've seen the car actually move on this Dyno. Full details on the car at flyinmiata.com

Mazda Miata NA custom turbo
Mazda Miata NA custom turbo - Microsquirt - MIshimoto coolers - T3/T4 hybrid turbo - Walbro pump - Five-O injectors - Custom cast Exhaust manifold

Miata Edit | MikeK Media
Quick mini shoot while at First Class Fitment 2011. http://facebook.com/MikeKMedia