MIC Escalade on 32" Asantis

Adam mounting the 32" wheel on the Escalade. Rim and tire 168 Lbs

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Caddilac Escalade on 32' Asantis pullin a shortbed pickup, StreetWhipz CarShow 2013
This small crew came from North Carolina to the StreetWhipz Carshow 2013

MIC EXT Escalade on 32s Asanti Wheels 32"
First vehicle in the world laying frame on 32" Asanti wheels. Built by the World Famous MIC in Montclair CA . 30" front 32" rear wheels airbagged frame

Cadillac Escalade on 32" DUB Bandito Spinners done by Big Boys Customs!
3100 Mansfield Hwy, Forest Hill, TX 76119 (817) 535-2284 Filmed By Slab City Ryan Photography. www.facebook.com/BigBoysCustoms

Escalade on 32" Forgiatos