79 f150 mudding

Colton, 400m with a 4 SPEED. not a c6

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Pipeline 08- Getting thru impassible (Dave)

1978 f150 400 big block
O yeah

Mud Bog Deep Pit #3 Calhoun County Wood Festival 2010
Hillbilly Proud returned to the Calhoun County Wood Festival on June 5, 2010 for the first time since 2007. Grantsville hosts a great event with three mud pits for the WVMRA (West Virginia Mud Racing Association) competition. We love the three pit set up. Racers all had a pit they could enjoy with a speed pit, 18" pit, and deep pit in action. Thanks to all those in Calhoun County for the hospitality.

07 F150 and 04 Jeep Wrangler Mudding
Jeep and Truck hitting some mud holes and and rutted out trails. I got my truck stuck bad and had to get pulled out and messed my truck up a bit, but its all good and still a fun day off-road. songs: "Meet Your Maker" and "Mr.Clean" By Zack King