Hot Rod Shop Blues-Delivery Problems at Pete's Auto Paint And Body Shop!

Pete has to close the shop down to go pickup paint supplys, that where supposed to be delivered 4 days ago. or 972-420-1293

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SWRNC - My Friend Pete - Tough Love Garage Episode 1 - Part 1
SWRNC - My Friend Pete - Tough Love Garage Episode 1 - Part This is a video that's one of several videos in a series featuring My Friend Pete from over at SWRNC and DIYautoschool. It's a pilot TV series for discovery channel that is now no longer on the air. The series features details of auto restoration, classic car restoration, auto body repair, bondo work, rust repair, paint jobs and more. Included in the videos is Minnie the Bodyshop girl and other folks that are My friend pete's family and friends.

1966 Pro Street Chevelle-Pete Gets Pissed At The "RIPOFF" Interior Shop!
Pete and Larry visit to the interior shop to see what's been done.. And finds out that NOTHING has been done! or 972-420-1293

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Custom Car Painting-How To Back Tape Door Jambs
It's Easy. or 972-420-1293