Porsche 928 race car motor 928S dyno

Porsche Solutions & Albrecht Financial Group: We pulled the Porsche 928 motor from a 1981 that we bought at a PAWN SHOP here in Austin, TX for $2,000! I can be reached at: Jeff Albrecht President Albrecht Financial Group Jeff@AlbrechtFinancialGroup.com Cell: 512-934-3121 and C2 Financial Corporation Senior Mortgage Loan Officer Office: 512-514-1074 NMLS# 176723 | BRE# 01381979 We’re licensed in Texas, California, and Florida; to meet ALL of your Mortgage Needs!!!

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Porsche 928 S racecar videoclip
Porsche 928 S racecar restauration,

Porsche 928 Engine Dyno
Here we mount up a fresh-built Porsche 928 race engine, and put it through the paces after bedding the piston rings.

Speed GT lap with a Porsche 928 485RWHP
Mark Anderson brought out his 928 race car in 2004 in the "GT3RS" livery, sporting a new carbon-fiber intake making 485 RWHP. Beautiful in dash footage. Watch him go! Great job Mark!

Porsche 928S4 5.0L Screamer on the dyno
Modded Porsche 928S4 on a Mustang Dyno. 5.0L Screamer motor with '91 GT pistons, rods, drilled crank & block, '88 S4 heads w/ stock valves & airbox. Mods are headers , Elgin Cams & Sharktuning. Fuel cut set at 7110 rpm.