Bob's Bumper

Take a ride down the quarter mile on the rear bumper of a 73 Oldsmobile Omega drag car.

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1975 Olds Omega 1/4 mile 10.83sec
Racing my 1975 Olds Omega @ Mission raceway park Fri night street legal drags. 10.83 @ 128mph

omega funeral
this is the final video of my omega. It has been totalled out and i went to get the plates and whatever i had in the car.

GT/HA Oldsmobile Ciera Drag Car On board View
Uh oh! The car didn't shift with the air shifter! This Diamond Engine and Machine Sponsored Oldsmobile is driven by Aaron Disinger down the 1/8th mile at Bunker Hill Dragstrip. Be sure to check out our Facebook at for more pictures, videos and updates.

509 First Fire
Like the title says, first fire of the 509 cubic inch OLDSMOBILE - watch for 2 of the heaviest sighs I've ever had right before I hit the key. Also note the scared child in the doorway - lol.