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VW Golf GTI vs VW Golf 2.0 TDI - Auto Express
VW Golf GTI review Subscribe to our YouTube channel Subscribe to the mag Next in our series of Heroes Humbled? videos, we test the MkII Golf GTI against today's 2.0 TDI.

[Manutenzione] Tagliando al Motore Marino
Periodicamente è necessario eseguire le operazioni di manutenzione del motore marino. Le cose da fare sono poche e semplici: cambio olio, sostituzione filtro olio, filtro e prefiltro del gasolio, più qualche controllo minore. Sapere eseguire queste operazioni autonomamente, oltre a garantire un risparmio economico, consente al velista di conoscere meglio il motore e gli organi di trasmissione, nonché di avere la certezza del lavoro svolto.

Ford Focus 2001 Fuel pump replacement part 1
Ford really should go back to the external fuel pump. This internal stuff is just plain nonsense. 6 hours to replace a failing fuel pump? Pump is 60 dollars Filter is 11 dollars Fuse is 10 cents Start at the fuse if your Focus will not start. If the fuse is good turn on the key and listen for the relay to click under the hood. If the relay clicks you should hear a little hum for 2 seconds right after the key is turned to the accessory position. If you do not hear that happy little hum you might need a new fuel pump. Test out your engine by spraying some starting fluid into the air intake while you crank the engine for a few minutes. If it runs for a second and then dies again, go buy a new fuel pump and follow the video. My symptoms were: Failure to start even with a good battery of a jump start. It would crank for minutes without a fire. Sudden stalls Loss of power Cold weather failure to start. No diagnostic trouble codes from the computer. The Ford mechanic told me that if there are no trouble codes he usually looks into the fuel delivery system.

Assemblaggio 3D di un motore Ford - 3D engine assemblage
Questo video mostra in versione tridimensionale l'assemblaggio di un motore Ford.