3 Buschur Pump Gas Evo's hit the street

North vs Central in a remote location.

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EVO Powerslide - Buschur powered
Parking lot DRIFT

EVO 8 MR 4G64 2.4L Pump Gas Dyno
Setting up for 91 Octane Pump Gas Tune. (The car is getting ready for 2007 Mitsubishi Owners Day). REMEMBER THIS IS PUMP GAS!!!!! I usually run around town with Race gas (100 Octane Tune). hehehehehe..

Import Evolution street race corvette
cars racing, nothing that big, cept the corvette accelerates like a beast.

Buschur Racing Scwhinn OCC Chopper Bike w/ 90cc Engine
Well the video really speaks for itself. We had a Schwinn Chopper bicycle, a 4wheeler with a 90cc engine,some spare time along with the fabricating skills of 4G63 grand daddy David Buschur the result is whats seen here. We're just some country boys havin some fun! Its something different. We hope you enjoy it.