Daewoo Matiz (800cc) - Lanes

Fully standard Daewoo Matiz 800cc, Very wet conditions, lots of standing water, gravel lane

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Daewoo Matiz, look around!
A randon video i made, showing my Daewoo Matiz car(A W red SE+ model in nice metallic silver!). Its my car but currently i dont use it, my parents use it as a second run around for our family. We have had it since June 2010 and we paid £400 for it from a nice old gentleman n Cardiff. It belonged to his partner/wife. It only done 73,000 miles but it now reads 75,000 as we have used it alot during our ownership so far. Use this car much more often now than our main car, the blue W reg Mazda Premacy in front of my Daewoo, look! My Matiz is in VGC inside and out! It also still retains its original Daewoo dealer sticker and its original tax disc holder. The car was supplied by "Cardiff Daewoo Culverhouse Cross" :) Not far from me as i live in Newport. Its has only had 2 previous owners and i'm the third. Only 800cc, but i must say its flamin lively! You wouldnt think its fast but it is somehow!? Odd lol! Probably because it has a fuel injected engine lol! I was also pleasantly suprised! Its cheap to tax, to insure and very good on fuel! My dad is getting roughly 48MPG , thas going back and fourth to work in Cardiff. It a wonderful car thats in great condition! It sadly only has part, service history but we know the miledge is genuine with help from VOSA. The music playing is from an old cassette which belongs to my mum called "DISCO 82" Basically a cassette from 1982 containing all the pop music from that era! If you wanna know what tune is playing, just ask by saying something like this "What is that song playing at 05:67 please" Or something like that! Comments are welcome! Please subscribe haha =D Rate too plz! When commenting, only sensible coments plz otherwise it will be reported and removed!! Cheers all!! Dan.

Snow Foaming a Matiz
Snow Foaming my girlfriends Daewoo Matiz. Please don't give the Matiz any grief its an 'ok' little car, and my girlfriend bought me the the Snow Foam Lance and Meguiars Hyper Wash shampoo...so I owe her car a proper clean!

Daewoo Matiz 800cc engine running.
Just a very small random video I took of mycar (Daewoo Matiz) 800cc engine running. The engine and engine bay has been cleaned by me to perfection so it looks "As new". I like to keep my car clean lol Please feel free to comment and rate. Subscribe if you like aswell haha!

Vetrocar Daewoo Matiz 800 SE
Kedves érdeklődő! Jelenlegi ajánlatunk a városi közlekedés csúcsmodellje, a belső helykínálat királya a DAEWOO MATIZ! Gyönyörű állapotban 2 év műszakival, téli és nyári gumiabroncsokkal várja új tulajdonosát. Nagyon gazdaságosan üzemeltethető, kb 4 Liter / 100 Km. Több módon is megvásárolhatja tőlünk ezen gépjárművet is, készpénzzel, autó beszámítással, illetve hitelre is akár 0, - Ft Önerővel. Természetesen biztonságos Forint alapú finanszírozás keretében. Bemutató videónkat megtekintheti a Youtube Vetrocar Daewoo Matiz 800 SE HD keresésével. Téliesítve! Köszönjük, hogy megtekintette hirdetésünket, reméljük hamarosan személyesen is találkozunk. Vetrocar Garantáltan JÓl jÁR.