JZW Stg 5 viggen E-85

Changed tune to E-85 and the extra torque and power is really nice. Here is a couple of acceleration pulls from 50-80mph, its a tick faster now :-) Very smooth power and it pulls higher into the rpm band, I love E-85.

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jzw stg 5 viggen

Saab Viggen Video for Hotcars.com
A video highlighting the Saab Viggen shot in Vermont

Volvo S60R Cavali Turbo E85 VS Saab V6 20T E40 2
Sounds of the Volvo Cavalli turbo outrunning my V6 Saab with 20T turbo. Damit Jim ! S60R Full E85 VS Saab V6-20T E40 Fuel.

We put the 06 Volvo S60R with the Cavalli turbo on the Dyno to see how it was running after I dialed in the tuning a little bit. Promising for sure as the baseline Dyno made 399whp in 4th gear at 21psi. Will tweak it a bit more and try and get just a little more power, but looking good so far :-)