start after 15 years

My Volkswagen beetle from 1958 starts after 15 years

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Beetle 1641 first startup
First startup after complete restoration Dual port 1641cc, empi eurosport Exhaust, solex 34 pict 3 carburetor, 55 amp generator, ...

starting mercedes 300D

BSA B33 500cc first start after 25 years in a shed.
Starting a 1951 BSA B33 500cc single, after it had been stored in a shed for over 25 years. Fuel tap missing, so only fuel is from a length of fuel line and a full carb bowl. Nothing was done to the engine other than cleaning the magneto points, some CRC in the cylinder a few days before and cleaning the old plug. Wiring is bare in places with covering having rotted off over the years. Despite all this, it actually started !!

VW 1600 motor rebuild - part 4
The final part of this series covering the rebuild of a dual relief twin port 1600 Volkswagen motor. In this video fitting the fan housing, tinware and Exhaust as well as a test run.