(1080p) McLaren MP4-12C - Interior + Exterior Details

**READ** Preston records a GORGEOUS Gray McLaren MP4-12c at LFSC! This is the first MP4-12C In the midwest and looks great! What do you think? Leave a comment, rate, and subscribe! I now have a Facebook page so please become a fan and share it with all your friends and family! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheFerrariChannel

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Mclaren mp4-12c opening door and getting in!!!
I am the first person in the world with a video camera personally who has ever recorded opening the sensor opening door and the interior!!!!

McLaren F1 takes on the MP4-12C on track
Watch here to see how the new McLaren MP4-12C compares with the older, more focused F1 racer. In a rare opportunity, Steve Sutcliffe takes them both on track to see where the similarities start and the differences end.

McLaren MP4 12C first drive

Inside the McLaren MP4-12C
Here's a car we can guarantee you haven't seen on the road. It's the McLaren MP4-12C, and the company brought it by trailer right outside the Autoline studios so we could get our hands on it. Tony Joseph, the company's North American Regional Director guides us through this bespoke machine and points out such features as onboard track cameras and even shows us how a door can open without a handle.