Cory's STM "EvilTSi" sets new Stock 7-Bolt Motor Record - MPH and ET!

Cory @ STM's EvilTSi 2G Talon goes to the track and sets a new ET and MPH Record for a Stock 7-Bolt Bottom end! Only motor mods are ARPs, Drop in Cams, Springs + Retainers. Head and oil pan have never been off the car! Custom Manifold TiAL 35R turbo AEM EMS tuned by Emery@STM E85

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54 PSI... 1000+ AWHP 2g
54 PSI... 1000+ AWHP 2g

Cory's "Eviltsi" 2G Talon hits the Dyno for the first time ever!
Cory's Talon hits the Dyno, just about ready for the DSM Shoot Out! Stock 7-Bolt Motor with drop-in Kelfords. [ head has never been off the car ] 96,000 miles! 35R E85 STM Built everything Emery@STM Tuned It made 465whp!

DrewJ Tuning: Will Stanton's stock 7 bolt NEW RECORD 10.33
Will set the new record for the stock 7-bolt block with a 10.33 @ 136. for DSMlink tuning services, please email me at

Corys EVILTSI going 9s on Stock Bottom end at 2013 DSM Shootout!
Cory Bower's "EVILTSI" goes 9s on a Stock 7-bolt bottom end. This is the first stock 7-bolt bottom end into the 9s, and fastest MPH trap speeds as well!