Mtsubishi Lancer Evo Rally Tribute


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Lancer Evolution VI 2000
WRC Rally Video

Gigi Galli Show
spettacolari video del pilota di Livigno, l'unico italiano che ha saputo farsi notare nel mondiale rally negli ultimi anni.

Tommy Makinen , rally di Monte Carlo , rally Sanremo , '97-'98-'99
On videos of all the other pilots of the World Rally, years 1997 - 1998 - 1999. Soon on-line all the other seasons of the Worl Rally, always ont The Rally of San Remo (until 2003) and the Rally of Monte-Carlo (until 2008).

Heros of Rally
The Tommi Mäkinen Evo in its prime. Song: 'Hero' by Nickelback Not my video - from the former