06 mustang gt vs. 06 charger rt

2006 charger RT with full Exhaust and intake vs. a 2006 Mustang GT with ford racing stage 1 kit. NOTE - 3rd race not shown (due to camera issues) 0-100 GT won by about 2 cars.

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Mustang GT vs Charger R/T
Camaro SS burnout, huge cloud! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-exJMj_UrE

06 charger rt vs 07 mustang gt (20 - 100ish rolls)
Jump to 1:50 for official race. Camera is in the charger, Charger jumped the first race, Mustang is having trouble hooking and a rained out car show after Charger: cold air intake, 93 diablo tune, flow pro mufflers with reso delete Mustang: cold air intake, full Exhaust, tune, 4.10 gears, pulleys Charger is adding a few more bolt ons very soon and just had cats deleted after this video

Nissan 350Z vs Dodge Charger RT
A race with my 05 350Z against a buddies 07 Daytona Charger RT. I had a bad launch (traction control left on) but still ended up winning in the end. It was a good race, no hurt feelings, and a lot of fun.

Daytona Charger vs 2005 Mustang GT
2006 Daytona Charger R/T - Intake & Exhaust 2005 Mustang GT, Intake, Exhaust, UDP and MAC Exhaust