1964 Pontiac Catalina Safari Stationwagon Blu

You want to put excitement in your driving...try this 389 c.i. tri-power with manual four on the floor! This is a real sleeper..an auction car at Zephyrhills. A/C makes it practical year round, Note the rear facing third seat, a common practice at the time. It helped eliminate the problem of getting past the second seat to get to the back, but was a trade off in that it required you to board via the tailgate. Used most likely by small children or pets...makes you wonder about the safety of that arrangement!

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1934 Chrysler Convertible Coupe Blu
A beautiful car...it evidently sold at auction, price unknown. Nice two tone color combination, rumble seat...and the grille is so indicative of a premium car! Chrysler certainly made some stylish, beautiful cars!

1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Four Door Sedan DkGreen TheVillages071914
Turns out I vidoed this car some years ago...but now I have a better understanding of Hy-Drive. Ignore what I mention in the video...that is how the earlier versions of fluid drive and semi automatics worked. This car differed from those semi-automatics that Mopar offered previously in that it used a torque converter as opposed to a simple fluid coupling. To shift gears, you put in the clutch...but you didn't have to mess with the clutch if you were content to start in high gear, with torque multiplication from that hefty torque converter! You still had second and low gear if needed. It was less expensive than the fully automatics at the time. Drawback...it took 11 quarts of oil at oil change time, with filter...as it shared its lubrication with the engine crankcase!

1964 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible
This was the top of the Pontiac line back in 1964. You have to admire the long, graceful lines..and the elegant simplicity of the dash! The 8 lug wheels are pieces of art! A boss of mine whose brother owned a Pontiac dealership had a hardtop version of this car...impressive, indeed!

1963 Chrysler New Yorker Salon Edition 4 door Hardtop Beige
All the deluxe features that Chrysler could load into a car, including cruise control and air conditioning. The salon edition probably included that three quarter vinyl top plus all those goodies. Lots of chrome and stainless trim! Only 593 were built, and the price was an expensive $5860. Chrysler was really establishing a level of luxury with this model!