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Car Guy Tour 2009 - Bertone Collection
A look at the impressive Bertone collection located in the Styling center in Turin Italy. Filmed by Francis G. Mandarano while on the Oct 2009 Car Guy Tour.

Mini Ferrari X1/9 Bertone
Speed up and Driving Sound. Italo Diva ♥♥♥ #goisernvideo Video: Sigi Huemer Bad Goisern #sigulus #servusgoisern Open Air My best Videos: 2016 #goiserntv Mini Ferrari - Fiat X 1/9 Bertone ! Maybe not the fastest... Showing the Fiat up close, running and driving. Falls er euch gefällt: Kommentieren, Daumen HOCH, teilen und ABONNIEREN! Danke! Musik: AdRev for Rights Holder. YouTube Videos: Google+ Fotos: Picasa Web Fotos: Homepage: Loser Bergtropy: 1979 Showing the Fiat up close, running and driving. Beginning stages of a long term restoration project of my old 79 Bertone X1/9. Bad Goisern Classic 2015 Loser Lotus Berg-Trophy Altaussee Steiermark Salzkammergut. Fiat X 19 Bertone. Fiat X 1/9 Bertone 5 Speed. Fiat X 1-9 Bertone, Fahrt von Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee - Au - Gosau. Retour Steeg am Hallstättersee - Au bei Bad Goisern - St. Agatha bei Bad Goisern. GoPro Hero 3 Silver. Italien Sport Cars of Fiat, Design Bertone. Der Fiat X1/9 ist ein kleiner und günstiger Sportwagen. Musik: Tonaufnahme Invincible-7556 - Hassan Khan Falcon wings Play List: 2016 cBCVSxGH Einige meiner Videos: 2016. Krippenstein Five Fingers: Goisern Classic: Schafberg: Artisten am Kirchendach: Kraftwerk Bad Goisern 2016: Oldtimer am Sölkpass: Lotus Berg Trophy: Model X Dance of the doors: 2014 Bertone Italo Diva: Hallstatt Waldbachstrub: Salzkammergut Nostalgia: Sommersbergersee D´Seer: Kalmberg: Predigtstuhl: Moabam Maibaum: Hallstatt Schiff: Burgruine Wildenstein: Garage Teil 3:

1987 Bertone/Fiat X1/9.
The replacement for the tiny but beautiful Fiat 850 Spider began production in 1972. Spurred by the entry of the mid engine VW/Porsche 914, Fiat took the engine and drive train of the Fiat 128 sedan mounted it mid ship and created an affordable and fun Targa top great handling light weight sports car. Based on a show car concept of the Autobianchi Runabout. Designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone and was shown at the 1969 Turin Motor Show. The car featured a mid-mounted Fiat 128 engine and gearbox. The wedge shape design took many styling cues from contemporary power-boat designs. And the distinctive head lamps were mounted on the roll over bar. The prototype was a serious proposal at the time and became the bases of the Fiat X1/9. Designed from the onset with US future safety rules in mind the car was an instant success in spite of Fiat's spotty reliability record. Priced right and economical to operate some 140,000 were built by Fiat and the last 20,000 by Bertone. From Wikipidea. US Sales of X1/9s The X1/9 underwent three generations in the USA: 1974 cars, 1975-78 cars, and 1979-87 cars. 1974 USA examples aligned closely with worldwide models, including small bumpers, 1290cc engine, and 4-speed transmission. 1975-78 USA cars were unique to the US market with "ladder-style" impact absorbing bumpers front and rear. To meet USA evaporative and Exhaust emission standards, X1/9's were fitted with Exhaust gas recirculation valves, air pumps and an activated charcoal system. These cars were rated at 63HP. In 1979 USA cars received an increase in displacement to 1498cc and a 5-speed transmission. 1979 USA cars retained the previous emission controls. Model years 1980 and 1981 saw a transition from carburetion to Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection, with the changeover coming in 1980 for cars sold in California and a gradual changeover for "federal" cars from late 1980 to 1981 model years. The combination of Fuel Injection (FI), a catalytic converter and unleaded gasoline allowed these cars to meet California and later federal emission standards. FI cars were rated at 75HP. In 1979 USA X1/9s also received both exterior and interior revisions including integrated bumpers front and rear, as well as a new front grille and airdam. The instrument panel and dash redesign moved the heating and ventilation controls from the center console up to the main dash, relocated the radio into the center dash area, moved the fuse panel from the area above the driver's left knee to the area above the passenger's footwell where the glovebox was, and moved the glovebox atop the dash. During 1982, Fiat ended its presence in the USA. Fiat turned over marketing and support of the X1/9 to International Automobile Importers, Inc., headed up by Malcolm Bricklin, and turned over full production duties to Bertone. 1983 was a transition year for the orphaned X1/9, which thereafter was sold as the "Bertone X1/9." IAI and Bertone continued to update the X1/9, such as providing rust protection, revised seating to accommodate taller drivers, and a modernized electrical system for 1984 models. US sales of the X1/9 took a nose dive in the final few years, and 1987 was the last year that IAI imported X1/9s to the USA.

Fiat X1/9 Bertone
El X1/9 es un excelente clásico proveniente de la fiat and Bertone ; existen pocos vehículos de estos en el territorio venezolano, el equipo de MotorEdicion realizó este material con la colaboración de EuroWay VZLA con el fin de apreciar la excelencia de este clásico.