How to install headlights in your 95-99 eclipse/talon

Here is a video that is going to show you step by step how to remove and install new head lights in your 95-99 eclipse or 95-98 talon

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Replacing headlights to a 2g eclipse
Really hope this helps you guys out like comment and share :) enjoy!!!

Eclipse 98 FP
Eclipse 98' gt30

Colgate toothpaste - (headlight restore) first attempt- 1996 mitsubishi eclipse
trying to restore my 1996 mitsubishi eclipse headlights with colegate toothpaste first attempt

how to remove eclipse gsx front bumper & install X-tune HID 6000K
since my car is very low I always had a lighting problem @ night, had to use the high beam to help a bit then with this 6000k upgrade it is super bright, it seems a little blue@ the ignition but get brigther after 60 secs 2G front bumper removal link