BMW e46 323i Headers and 2nd Resonator Delete Stock Muffler

e46 323i with headers and no cats with second resonator delete and stock muffler

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BMW E46 328i muffler and res delete
Muffler and 2nd resonator deleted to custom quad setup.

BMW E46 323CI exhaust rear resonator delete before and after
In the video it sounds alot louder than real life but its definitely worth the $50 of removal. Plus the resonator weigh about 4.8kg. Everything else is stock.

E46 323i Sedan Exhaust - Stock Resonators with Ebay Muffler
E46 323i - stock intake, stock resonators with ebay muffler search "Universal 3" Dual Tip DTM 2.5" Inlet T-304 Exhaust Resonator Canister Muffler" for what muffler i had used.

2000 BMW 323i 2.5l straight pipe
Deleted 2 mufflers, 2 1/2in straight pipe into a Y pipe that goes into two 2in straight pipes into 3in stainless steel tips. Everything was homemade by me. Will be doing headers and full stainless Exhaust in the future.