Bmw 318is K&N Intake

K&N 57i intake sound before and after install

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1992-98 318i/s BMW How to install an air intake/filter
Presented by: Ronnie N. Espejo 03-13-2012 Materials: 1. 10 inch inlet (opening) air filter 2. 10 inch inlet (opening) mass adaptor sensor Tools: 1. 10 mm socket or wrench 2. Flat head screwdriver Procedure: 1. Remove 5 nuts 4 on air filter unit 1 on the side 2. Unplug or loosen wire connector on top of air mass sensor 3. Loosen screw of the hose 4. Separate air mass sensor and air filter unit or housing 5. Place air mass sensor adaptor plate and tighten nuts 6. Place back wire plug and tighten 7. Place air filter and tighten hose screw

BMW E36 318is Remus Exhaust
My '95 E36 318is Coupe

BMW 318IS auf Leistungsprüfstand
Motorensound eines 318IS mit 48 Drosselklappen .Drezahl 8100

Cold Air Intake (CAI) Before and After (BMW 318i)
Cold Air intake (short ram) before and after sound clip of my 95 BMW 318i. In this video i show acceleration and deceleration of the engine idle.