Video Taxi driver murder: Do you know this person?

Auckland police are looking for this man in connection with the murder of taxi driver Hiren Mohini. CCTV footage tracks the man police want to speak with.

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Taxi driver takes on police officer in South Africa, one shot fired
What do u guys think of this he and the taxi driver had a massive argument over something and he pulled his gun fired one shot...would like to see the comments... Source: e=2&theater I do not claim any ownership over this video.

Singh Knocks out Armed Robber
Two Armed Robbers try to rob Our off-licence, With Sticks and Knife

Las Vegas Cab Driver Escapes Death After Ambush Shooting - A cab driver from Las Vegas survived a shooting during an ambush last week. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the shooting took place in the early hours of Feb. 11. The 62-year-old, who hasn't been named for safety reasons, responded to a call in the area for a taxi. The cabbie pulled into a neighborhood on Copper Stone Court where he was greeted by the suspects. After informing him that their "uncle" called the cab, they offered him water, which the cab driver declined. A few moments later, shots rang out and the cab driver was struck twice. Luckily, the cabbie was able to find EMT workers at a local truck stop area six minutes away. The paramedics told reporters if they didn't encounter the cabbie when they did, he could have lost his life. The cab driver was shot in the back and the other bullet ripped through his stomach. He is expected to make a full recovery. He is also in good spirits about the shooting, since the video will be used to train other cabbies how to survive dangerous encounters from potential customers.

Fatal Shooting Full Video
Davenport Iowa cop shoots and kills a man. The officer had stopped the man as suspect in an assault a few minutes beforehand. The man would not heed the officers request to get on his knees, and the officer used his tazer on the man but one prong didnt stick so the tazer didnt work. The man then attacked the officer, slamming his head into the concrete, biting the officers eye brow off, and severly beating him. The officer shot and kill the man. I believe the officer had every right to defend himself as he felt his life was in danger. Although some idiots here think he used too much force. Anyhow here is the whole video. To read part of the story go here 286.html and after reading the story click on the Images tab to see the photos of what the man did to the officer.