Video Taxi driver murder: Do you know this person?

Auckland police are looking for this man in connection with the murder of taxi driver Hiren Mohini. CCTV footage tracks the man police want to speak with.

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Police took an hour to get to shot store owner
Police are defending the time it took for them to arrive at the Manurewa liquor shop where Navtej Singh was shot at point blank range in the chest. Police officers had to wait for a supervising officer to arm them and then direct them as they entered the liquor shop. Witnesses to the shooting told One News that police took almost an hour to reach the scene, despite the armed robbers leaving soon after Mr Singh was shot. Detective Inspector Jim Gallagher said the officers were following the correct procedure. "It may be something that we can look at," Mr Gallagher said. He said there is no permanently deployed Armed Offenders Squad and staff have to be directed by a supervising officer at the site. Mr Gallagher said there is "no doubt" that the response would be reviewed. Police also revealed a member of the public "scraped the bottom of the barrel" by walked into the liquor store where Mr Singh lay dying and stole a box of alco-pops.

Motorcyclist pinned by car in accident
Motorcyclist struck by car at busy Auckland intersection.

Missing woman's partner issues plea for her return
Police read message from missing Canterbury woman Vanessa Pickering's family.

English asked about GST 'porkies'
Finance Minister confronted about his own contradictory statements on raising GST.