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Burnout fail

My buddies cavalier failing to do a burnout despite numerous methods and attempts.


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Burnout failure
Was tryin to kill some 125cc and tried burnout but it looks like crap so at least u can learn how to kill 125cc. At the end we found there was no more fuel. LoL Hahahahahaha......

Honda burnout turbo with NOS!!!! then engine blows
Honda burnout turbo with NOS!!!! then engine blows http://www.twitter.com/facundofacundo

RICER Dodge Neon!!!!
Some kid drove this to school. Leave a comment about what you think about it

Didier Richard et son Dodge SRT-4 burnout fail
"Équiper pour rouler" is a show at Ztele (Quebec) that was showing awesome car like modified BMW, Supra, Audi, Infiniti, Skyline etc. The guy show up with is fail of a car Neon and tell them that you don't need big money to build an awesome car. At the end you can see the failed burnout where he burn his clutch LOL

600 HP Midget 4x4 Truck Burnout,Must See
Must See, 6oo HP Midget 4x4 Truck Burnout DODGE RAM DOING DONUTS AWESOME http://youtu.be/tH71ltkrmd4

Chevrolet Lumina Start Up And Test Drive
Just got done detailing this 1999 Lumina and decided to take a spin in it!

Turbo charged 3800 V6 cavalier
This pass was somewhere in the 11.5 range at 126mph

Cavalier Z24 with Glasspack
Exhaust Sound of '98 Chevy Cavalier Z24 Engine: 2.4L, I-4, 150hp Modifications: - Pacesetter 4-in-1 header - Magnaflow HiFlow Catalytic Converter - 25 inch Thrush Magnum Glasspack - 2.25 inch pipes This setup is VERY LOUD, the Dynomax UltraFlo rear muffler was not connected in this video. Later it was connected back again.

Burnout Fail!
Anton Hall-Brownie and Ashley Burd enter Morrinsville Burnout competition. The day was filled with a large variety of worked V8 mussle and Jap turbo cars all out to tear it up for the crowd at the annual competition, many of which destroyed tires, gearboxes, diffs and more in spectacular fashion!!! Then this?

Can-Am Outlander 650 Burnout FAIL
Damn Rev Limiter ruins all the fun :(

Z24 w/ a Glasspack
My Z24's muffler fell apart at the seam, and this Red Hot was laying around, so my cousin and I welded this all up in about an hour. It's attached to the body using plumber's tape... the tips are as close to stock as possible. Shot this clip a few days later. Doesn't sound too bad, resonates like hell though (glasspack, duh). Sounds good when you get on it. Need to paint it black and clean up the welds.

BMW 750il, Making music with a German V12
This is my 1996 BMW 750il with the fabulous M70B54 engine, a 5.4 liter V-12 that revs to just short of 6,500 rpm. Car has the "protection" package, light armor bullet proof glass resistant to small caliber weapons. I found the car for $8k OTD as a trade in at a Lexus dealer in Houston with 102,300 miles on it. Sitting at about 125k miles now. The Exhaust has been chopped in true rat rod fashion, with a pair of 18" glasspacks at $60 each with 2.5" baffle cores doing all the Exhaust silencing not done by the catalysts. Since engine is a 60 degree V angle, same as older Ferrari V12's I am doing my best to make it sound like a Ferrari V12. The intake restrictors (sound deadeners) have been removed as have the internal airbox baffles. Power is short of 400 bhp but not by a lot. Total weight of car fueled is at 4800 lbs. ECU flash to remove USA 127 mph speed limiter is done, now the German market 155mph speed limiter is the only thing holding back the top end. The next step is larger throttle bodies, extrude honed 850i intake plenum and another airbox mod for a sharper intake note along with the total removal of the mufflers. The center section muffler has been cut out and replaced with twin 2.5" stainless tubes as well. I love this f-ing car! Wheels are e38 M Sport's with centering rings since they are "hub centric" bought for $14 on eBay. Individual throttle bodies in 51mm from the 60 degree Aprilia/Rotax V990 will go on once the stock ECU has died! That would sound PROPER!

2001 Cavalier Turbo
2001 Chevy Cavalier (Non-Ecotec) with a JDM turbocharger. Running at 8psi on stock internals which produces around 160hp. 2 1/2" Exhaust through a high flow cat, ending with a Ractive turbo Muffler with a 3" outlet.

97 cavalier
1997 cavalier (my project) list so far.... tcs carbon fiber hood, 18" chrome wheels, projection headlights/taillights, tuner fx racing seats aero turbine exaust with 2 1/2in. piping through out, 5% tint, aem cold air intake dc sport headers, 4in. lowering kit custom 12" speaker box with 1800 wat power acoustic amp.....to much more to name must see.......

1998 Plymouth Neon Glasspack
finally got my glasspack on and took a quick video of it before my camera died

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