Glasair High Speed Flyby - Powered by a Subaru EG33 engine

This Glasair aircraft fly by is powered with an experimental 202 cubic inch Subaru EG33 automoble engine conversion from a Subaru Alcyone SVX sports car. This Glasair airplane has a Marcotte gear reduction unit. Watch and listen as our Glasair 1RG makes a high speed, low fly-by missed approach. This home built aircraft raced in several of the 2011 Sport Air Race League, We were undefeated in its SARL race class. This Subaru SVX powered Glasair won silver in the overall experimental group.

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Subaru EG33 SVX Glasair 1RG - Low Fly By - Four Miles a Minute -
A friend caught our Glasair on this high speed low fly-by with his cell phone camera. Not the best quality, but the Subaru SVX EG33 engine sounds great. This experimental aircraft is a Glasair and is powered by an aero conversion 202 cubic inch six cylinder EG33 engine from a Subaru Alcyone SVX automobile. See the high speed missed approach.

Indy Air Race - SARL - Subaru SVX EG33 powered Glasair IRG
Take a Glasair ride in the Sport Air Racing League - SARL Indianapolis Air Race. 21 air racers competed in 13 different classes (aircraft from a Cessna 150 to Lancairs). Try may like it! This Sport Air Racing League experimental Glasair aircraft is powered with a 202 cubic inch six cylinder Subaru EG-33 engine from an Alcyone SVX automoblie. We were penalized 15 seconds for clipping a turn and but still managed to average 247 MPH. Go to

Subaru Powered Bay window bus EG33 With Subarugears 5 speed, 3 9 1 R&P