Jaguar X-Type 2L Diesel vs BMW 3 1.8L Petrol

Street race between a Jag X-Type 2L Diesel and a BMW 318

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Banned Jaguar advert
Car manufacturer Jaguar's banned advert of its new F-Type

Gopro Hero 3 + Black Edition 1080 HD in superview Jaguar X Type Arden, Car mount, head mount
Took the new Gopro hero + black edition out for a test. This is the first time I've shot with this camera, great little camera! Accessories used: Sucker pad, head strap, water proof housing. Filmed a drive from the City of Bath to the Forest of Dean in an Arden styled X Type Jaguar. Filmed in 1080p, superview. Footage edited in FCPX....

Jaguar x type 2.5 vs Audi A4 1.8t stg 2
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

VW Jetta 1.9 TDI remapped vs. Jaguar X-type 2.0D stock
VW Jetta 1.9 TDI 105hp(remapped 140hp) vs. Jaguar X-type 2.0D 130hp stock(with catalyst) Both cars had +1 passenger.