[25] Lowriders Candlelight Vigil for Big Duck + Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We Gon' Ride T.V. Presents: Footage from the Candlelight Vigil for Big Duck (R.I.P) Footage from Memorial Day Weekend 2012

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WC of Westside Connection shows off low-riders (Rap City January 1997)
WC explains low-rider culture to Big Lez and takes her on a trip around South Central in one.

[53] For Riders Only - Sunday Streets
We Gon' Ride T.V. T-Shirts http://wegonridetv.com/ Footage from Strictyly Riding 8th Annual & the streets of L.A. For Riders Only!

BackBumper Sunday!!
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a day with big fish lowriding video vol.32 part 5
a day with big fish vol.32