[25] Lowriders Candlelight Vigil for Big Duck + Memorial Day Weekend 2012

We Gon' Ride T.V. Presents: Footage from the Candlelight Vigil for Big Duck (R.I.P) Footage from Memorial Day Weekend 2012

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[53] For Riders Only - Sunday Streets
We Gon' Ride T.V. T-Shirts http://wegonridetv.com/ Footage from Strictyly Riding 8th Annual & the streets of L.A. For Riders Only!

Let's Ride - On We Gon' Ride T.V. - June 26, 2016
Footage from Ridaz Only Cruise and from Together 1st annual http://www.wegonridetv.com

[24] Lowriders of Los Angeles - Ride or Hide
We Gon' Ride T.V. Presents: Lowriders on the streets of Los Angeles on Sunday - Spring 2012 First Song "Can't Fade Me" on iTunes: http://bit.ly/WGVOAD Second Song: "West Coast for Life" http://bit.ly/11CB1T5 Third Song "We Gon' Ride" http://bit.ly/ZPzCIt All Music by Koop & Lords of Lyrics

[43] Lowriders in Los Angeles - The Playground!!
Get the One-Hour DVD here: http://bit.ly/18xq3Qe Another one from the streets of L.A. - Summer time 2013. We Gon' Ride T.V. hit up a couple of Low Rider functions and captured some cars never seen before on We Gon' Ride T.V. And you know we got that street footage.