Top Sportsman exhibition Blown Fiat Topolino and Blown Chevy Nova

Ralph Beitter's first outing with his Blown Nova. A couple of exhibition runs with John Dixon's Blown Fiat Topolino in the opposite lane. John has on board camera on the first run. Ralph does a third run solo with the on board camera. This was on September 6th, 2010 at Alaska Raceway Park's drag racing season finale.

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186 mph Nova-ProNostagia
Alaskan Ralph Beitter takes his supercharged ProNostalgia Nova on a few runs on July 1st & July 4th at Alaska Raceway Park. Some strong runs were developing. Personal best 186 mph. Power... 400 with 14 degree heads, running on alcohol with a kobelco 14-71 blower, 40+ lbs of Boost, enderle alcohol injection, B&J transmission.

Blown V8 Chevy Nova - SCH Racing
SCH Racing blown V8 Chevy Nova. APSA Pro Street Shootout Grand Final - Sydney Dragway.

200mph wheelie! MR 10.5 Blown Chevy Nova
Frank Mamone doesn't get fazed when the front wheels are up at high speed. The 6-second supercharged 471ci Hemi powered Nova is a crowd favourite. APSA Pro Street Shootout grand final Sydney Dragway November 2012.

Top Eliminator 2010 Alaska season finale Sept 6, 2010
A short clip of some of the Top Eliminator Races from Sept 6th, 2010 at Alaska Raceway Park. Jay Childs,Lackey -Muller, (Harris Racing) the Glacier Shaker Alcohol Funny Cars, Toni Prockish Top eliminator Dragster, John Childs in Top sportsman.. Great races to conclude the season. Canon HF-11