05 Mercedes CL 55 AMG Florida, Stk# 0238801 SOLD

The SUPERCHARGED V8 in this CL 55 will throw you back in your seat. The vehicle also includes a PERFECT SERVICE RECORD. The CL 55 has the perfect combination of Preformance, Technology, and Classic Luxury. You will be able to see crisp and clear at night with the Bi-Xenon HID headlights. The NAVIGATION system will help you find your destination.

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*MUST SEE* Custom carbon fiber CL55 AMG 600hp Mercedes In Beverly Hills!! Supercharged (Kompressor)
I made all the interior Carbon fiber parts except the Shifter. That's a german handmade Sachez part.

CL55 AMG Eurocharged ECU remote computer tuning flash more boost
Here I'm taking download delivery of the custom written engine control unit program to run my modified; almost 600 HP Mercedes engine.. Running at almost 1 bar Boost through the modified IHI lysholm Supercharger! yeehaww!!

CL55 AMG 575+HP many mods, carbon fiber, alcantara ultra suede, Kompressor V8

Mercedes-Benz CL55 AMG custom sound