GMC Sierra beat down

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GMC Sierra beat down part 2

Blue Truck Beatdown
almost made it through... had to stop... headlights smashed, rad support pushed back, intercooled was pushed into the rad. rad was pushed into the motor. Intercooler pipe was almost completely pinched off and motor was running poorly

Close Call GMC in ditch
The owner of the truck thought he saw something falling off the trailer . When he pulled over to the shoulder of the road it caved in which sucked his truck and fifth wheel trailer into the ditch . If you look at the right front of the fifth wheel trailers roof he was only 2 feet away from the 3 foot spruce tree . If he had gone another 5 feet the trailer would have caught the tree . I decided to pull the rear of the trck out onto the roadway so we would have more clearance for top of the trailer . I pulled the rear of the truck about 6 feet . This gave the trailer about a 6 foot space between it and the tree . We hooked a line to our rear spade using a snatch block and gently pulled the truck out onto the road . There was no damage to truck or trailer . Happy Ending

Large GMC TopKick Utility Truck Rollover, You Won't Believe what Happened Next...
A large utility truck left the road and flipped on Keysburg Rd in Adams late Monday morning. You Won't Believe what Happened Next... MORE at