LG Motorsports C5R Drag Race Corvette

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Corvette C5-R vs Viper GTS-R - Road Atlanta 10h 2000 1/2

Tribute to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Showcasing the C5R Corvette that he raced at Daytona
A short tribute to Dale Earnhardt Sr. by showcasing the famous C5R Corvette chassis #004. This is the car that Dale Earnhardt & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Races together and achieved 2nd in class during the 2001 Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona with teammates Kelly Collins & Andy Pilgrim. Dale Sr. perished 15 years ago to the day and I was compelled to share this short video showcasing the car and brief history on the car and Dale. RIP Dale Earnhardt Sr!

2400hp Unicorn Vette!
If you haven’t seen pictures or videos of this CRAZY corvette, you must have been living under a rock! We finally had the chance to see what it’s all about at this fall’s Texas Invitational, and we were NOT disappointed! Equipped with two MONSTER 88mm turbos that both stick out of the hood, and an additional 400 shot of Nitrous..it’s easy to understand this car’s biggest problem is TRACTION. Since the car was originally built and set-up for drag racing, it had some inevitable traction problems that will likely be sorted out once they have an opportunity to adjust the suspension for roll-racing. Maybe then, we will see the 200 mph pass we were looking for!!

2002 Lingenfelter Z06 with a C5R 427
2002 Lingenfelter Z06 with a C5R 427, LS3 heads, and GT1-1 camshaft. Contact us today for more information on this package: Phone: 260-724-2552 Email: Sales@Lingenfelter.com Website: www.lingenfelter.com Follow us on Social Media: Facebook: www.Facebook.com/lpehp Twitter: www.Twitter.com/LingenfelterLPE Instagram: www.Instagram.com/LingenfelterLPE