How To: Lapping Valves SOHC Neon

Lapping Valves for my new head, which was ported and polished by Madhatter from Disturbed Head Works. You can contact him on

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How to Reseat / Lap Valves (Basic Valve Job)
In this video i'm explaining how to reseat or lap valves in a flathead or overhead valve engine. Also can be called a valve job, but this is not a complete valve job. I also used to much valve grinding compound, it does not require a whole lot. Usually when a engine needs this done is when a engine has low compression that is found to be leaking around the valves, or sometimes a engine will backfire do to the valves not closing completely/properly. Thanks for watching.

Lapping the valves Compounding seating the valves
Here's the process for seating the valves into the head. I did all 12, and look good. Vic, a older guy showed me how to do it. I cought right on, and got them all done. If you don't know how to lap (Lapping the valves) Then you need to watch this video. Check out the 1962 Fairlane web site.

Dodge Neon Crushed By Mud Trucks
Crazy weekend at the Redneck Yacht Club. An older body style ford slings some mud up into the back of the Dodge Neon. A custom Chevy on tractor tires comes by and wants to take part in the action. He parks parallel to the neon cuts the wheel and runs it over with the left front tire. Before the forklift could take it away another custom Chevy Silverado truck on tractor tires gets into the mix and pulls both of the front wheels up onto the neon.

Valve Adjustment for Honda Civic SOHC Part 1
This a Video I made just to help some of the DIY folks. Hope it helps you. I have a BMW 325I, If anyone is interested I would be glad to share how I learned the hard way,so It can be easy for you. Thanks for watching!