GMC Sierra beat down part 2

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drunk benny, showing you how to drive a GMC serria
At 6 am wile camping this is what i wake up to back at V-Lake, drunk benny at it again, don't miss what happens in the end to his new Serria, gmc chevy This is Drunk Benny doing another one of his lesson on "how to" properly drive a truck. How to drive a truck, Lessons from a drunk man, Drunk benny will show you how. GMC Serria get a bit of abuse on a saturday morning. Burnouts, wheel spins, brake stands and a crash to end it all.

GMC Sierra beat down

this GMC takes a beating before it gets cashed for clunks! pt 2
bagging the gmc before it goes to the dealership

Tuff Trucks Part I
The tuff truck competition during the Monster Truck show at Sheridan Wyoming - June 11, 2011