Prospeed Audi S1 - Kyustendil Hillclimb 2012

Nikolay Zlatkov - Audi S1 Group B by Prospeed @ Kyustendil Hillclimb 2012, Bulgaria

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MONSTERS of Hillclimb - Bergmonster Audi S1 Lancia S4 Porsche 935 Mitsubishi EVO BMW Mercedes
Trailer of the NEW DVD "Bergmonsters 2012" or "Monsters of Hillclimb 2012" or "Beasts of hillclimb 2012". Just cars which are hard to control on hillclimb! More informations about the great DVD:

770 HP Audi Quattro S1 Group B Monster by ProSpeed Bulgaria

EKS in World RX: I am EKS!
It's time to introduce myself. I am the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. I am EKS!

Rechberg 2014 Prospeed Audi S1 Quattro 770HP Nikolay Zlatkov
On-board Video & Pure Sound: Prospeed Audi S1 Quattro at Rechberg 2014 Hillclimb Race. Driver: Nikolay Zlatkov, Prospeed Motorssport - Bulgaria Run #1 - First Race Test with the new 6-speed sequential gearbox developed in-house by Prospeed Motorsport's engineering team. The 2014 evolution of the car includes reworked suspension, lower center of gravity (by 35mm compared to 2012) and 18" wheels. Nikolay has to re-learn how to handle the beast. Next Race: Verzegnis - Stela Chianzutan, Italy, 16-18 May 2014