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Prospeed Audi S1 - Kyustendil Hillclimb 2012

Nikolay Zlatkov - Audi S1 Group B by Prospeed @ Kyustendil Hillclimb 2012, Bulgaria


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MONSTERS of Hillclimb - Bergmonster Audi S1 Lancia S4 Porsche 935 Mitsubishi EVO BMW Mercedes
Trailer of the NEW DVD "Bergmonsters 2012" or "Monsters of Hillclimb 2012" or "Beasts of hillclimb 2012". Just cars which are hard to control on hillclimb! More informations about the great DVD: http://www.swissrace.ch/shop/die-bergmonster/

ZLATKOV Nikolay - AUDI Quattro S1 - Rechberg 2012
ZLATKOV Nikolay - AUDI Quattro S1 - Rechberg 2012 and OnBoard(s)

The fastest Hillclimb St. Ursanne 2012 - Sound, Speed & Flames Bergrennen EBM Porsche 935 FA30 FV11
One of the fastest Hillclimbs - St.Ursanne / Switzerland, European Championship Don´t miss the great DVD´s at http://www.swissrace.ch/shop/bergrennen/les-rangiers/

Prospeed Audi Quattro S1 - Verzegnis Hillclimb 2012
Niki Zlatkov - Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B by PROSPEED BULGARIA @ Verzegnis Hillclimb 2012, Italy Enjoy the great on-board footage and the pure sound of the 770HP 5 cylinder engine on the curvy Italian mountain roads - a natural habitat for this crazy monster :-)

The fastet Hill Climb Car of the World
Maybe not the fastest... BUT The fastest FIAT I have ever seen :D This Car was so damn fast, it was 8 Seconds faster than any other Car at this track! Original Video by Roystorm17. You can buy the Race DVD's here in best quality: http://www.dorvyd.it/Homepage.html The Air Intake looks like a Formula 1 Intake and the engine revs over 10.000rpm. Absolutly Awesome, the Cars wight was under 600KG and the Power of the engine nearly 300Hp. Another Great Hill Climb Racer - George Plasa - died this year, he was the record breaker of several hill climbs in Europe. Please hold him in memory with his great Drivingstyle and his Bmw Judd V8 Engine. (Formula 1 like engine)

Audi Quattro - Group B, the Days of Madness
Credits for this video: www.youtube.com/amjayes Group B was introduced by the FIA in 1982 as replacement for both Group 4 (modified grand touring) and Group 5 (touring prototypes) cars. Group A referred to production-derived vehicles limited in terms of power, weight, allowed technology and overall cost. The base model had to be mass produced (5000 units/year) and had to have 4 seats. Group A was aimed at ensuring a large number of privately-owned entries in races. By contrast, Group B had few restrictions on technology, design and the number of cars required for homologation to compete—200, less than other series. Weight was kept as low as possible, high-tech materials were permitted, and there were no restrictions on Boost, which turned out to mean almost unlimited power. The category was aimed at car manufacturers by promising outright competition victories and the subsequent publicity opportunities without the need for an existing production model. There was also a Group C, which had a similarly lax approach to chassis and engine development, but with strict rules on overall weight and maximum fuel load. Group B was initially a very successful concept, with many manufacturers joining the premier World Rally Championship, and increased spectator numbers. But the cost of competing quickly rose, and the performance of the cars proved too much, resulting in a series of fatal crashes. As a consequence Group B was cancelled at the end of 1986 and Group A regulations became the standard for all cars until the advent of World Rally Cars in 1997. In the following years Group B found a niche in the European Rallycross Championship, with cars such as the MG Metro 6R4 and the Ford RS200 competing as late as 1992. For 1993, the FIA replaced the Group B models with prototypes that had to be based on existing Group A cars, but still followed the spirit of Group B, with low weight, 4WD, high turbo Boost pressure and staggering amounts of power.

850bhp Audi Quattro Sport 'Pikes Peak' with KEM Racing on the Isle of Man
Keith Edwards' 850bhp Audi Quattro Sport 'Pikes Peak' with KEM Racing on the Isle of Man. Visit http://www.facebook.com/kemracing

Prospeed sequential 6-speed gearbox, Audi S1
After 5 months hard work, Prospeed Bulgaria develop and produce 6-speed sequential gearbox, housed in origianal housing of 01E transmission. 100% compatible with our 6-speed dog box kit. The results of the first test are excellent and we continiue preparing our European Hill Climb program 2014. The gearbox will be possible to sell at the end of May. Here's a little video.

Audi S1 2.2 I5 DOHC 20v Turbo 572Hp 615Nm on dyno Profituning
Meranie výkonu na záťažovej brzde Maha 4x4 Audi S1 - Béreš Motorsport Likes Profituning : https://www.facebook.com/Profituning Web www.profituning.sk

Group B Rally With Pure Engine Sounds! DEADLY CARS
Group B Rally With Pure Engine Sounds! DEADLY CARS My Channel is about the best rally crashes each month and all-time! Subscribe for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RallyCrashes Funny Fail Fails Funny Video Funny Videos Epic Compilation Pranks Fail Compilation Fail compilation 2013 Fail Compilation 2014 Epic Fail Compilation Epic Fail Compilation 2013 Epic Fail Compilation 2014 Fail Compilation january Fail Compilation february Fail Compilation march Fail Compilation april Fail Compilation may Fail Compilation june Fail Compilation july Fail Compilation august Fail Compilation september Fail Compilation october Fail Compilation november Fail Compilation december Fail Compilation week 1 Fail Compilation week 2 Fail Compilation week 3 Fail Compilation week 4 Fail Compilation week 5 Fails wins compilation Fails wins compilation 2013 Best Fails of the Week Best Fails of the Week 2013 Epic Girl fail compilation Girl fail compilation Sport fail compilation Best of fail compilations

Audi Emotion Club visit to Prospeed - The Legendary Audi S1
Open day by Prospeed - Audi Emotion Club members and friends regard the Audi S1 project! Many, many thanks to Mr. Nikolay Zlatkov and his colleagues! Great team - great car!

Rally LEGEND 2010 - Walter Röhrl - Audi S1 - H.R.rallystudio
Rally LEGEND 2010 - Walter Röhrl - Audi S1 - H.R.rallystudio

BEST-OF -- Sprint -- THUDINIE 2013 (Belgium)
(Vidéo 100% Compilation: Highlights, Attack, Drift, Crash, Fails, Unfall, Limit, Fast, Show...) #Pilots in the Vidéo: #54 DELRUE Denis / Kart-Cross Pizauto #63 HERBIET Damien / Kart-Cross Peters #75 BAUGNIEZ Maxime / Kart-Cross Pizauto #103 SCAUFLAIRE Yvan / Mazda 323 #106 THIRY Steve / VW Golf #230 BASCOUR David / Peugeot 205 #236 LEBLANC Jean-Philippe / Citroen AX #239 DEMOULIN Johan / Peugeot 205 #246 HERBAGE Antony / Opel Astra #250 DEVIN Roland / Citroen AX #280 BOIGELOT Jean-Patrick / Toyota Corolla #310 GILBERT Rudy / Renault Clio #313 THERON Vincent / VW Golf #322 CHEVRIER Fabien / Citroen Saxo #326 MAROIT Fabrice / Renault Clio #414 RATAZZI Arnaud / Renault Clio #430 DEGROOTE Louis / VW Golf #436 GRAVY Denis / VW Cox #447 MAYNE Jean-Claude / BMW M3 #448 WIRTZ Marcel / Mercedes 190 #454 MASLOWSKI Marek / Ford Escort MK2 #513 PETIT Jerome / Opel Corsa #516 AUVRAY Benjamin / Suzuki Swift #517 LEFEBVRE Mathieu / Suzuki Swift #537 THOLBECQ Laurent / Honda CRX #563 DECOSTER Rony / BMW 318 #599 DEFER Jean-Louis / Renault Clio #620 BRANQUART Yohan / BMW #627 BOULANGER Thierry / BMW 325 #628 TISSIER Eddy / Ford Sierra #650 DEWULF Philippe / Toyota Corolla WRC

BEST-OF -- Course de Cote / Bergrennen / Hillclimb -- Saint-URSANNE - Les RANGIERS 2012 (Swiss)
(Vidéo 100% Compilation: Highlights, Attack, Drift, Crash, Fails, Unfall, Limit, Fast, Show...) #Pilots in the Vidéo: #5 CHARIATTE Jean-François / Ligier JS49 #9 VON SIEBENTHAL Yannick / Jema #10 GRECO Stéphane / Westfield XTR2 #18 BOVIER Jean-Pierre / Osella #19 ROSAIRE Cédric / Lucchini SP90 #23 BIAGGI Arnaud / Mini Westfield #25 VITVER Vladimir / Audi WTT-R DTM #29 MARTIN Christian / Martini MK81 #32 BERGUERAND Louis / Tatuus RC99 #34 SCHMID Marco / Tatuus Renault #46 CHOLLEY Ludovic / Dallara F303 #53 BALMER Christian / Tatuus Master #54 SALOMON Jean-Marc / Tatuus Master #56 HUGENTOBLER Simon / Reynard 92D #58 DUCOMMUN Julien / Martini MK69 #60 VOLLUZ Joel / Reynard 95D #62 NAPIONE Renzo / Reynard K02 #63 BORMOLINI Fausto / Reynard K02 #64 HAUSER David / Dallara GP2 #67 DEMUTH Guy / Osella FA30 #69 STEINER Marcel / Osella FA30 #70 FAGGIOLI Simone / Osella FA30 #112 SCHMID Ruedi / VW Golf #115 ROHR Werner / Toyota Corolla #118 FREI Thomas / Opel Kadett C #121 KRIEG Danny / Opel Kadett C #125 BOTTECCHIA Enzo / Renault 5 turbo #126 BANZ Urs / Opel Ascona #127 BANZ Armin / Opel Kadett C #128 KOCH Josef / Opel Kadett C #134 PFEFFERLE Alain / Porsche 935 #147 THORIN David / Citroen C2 S1600 #163 HAUSERMANN Urs / VW Golf #169 LEUENBERGER Frédéric / Renault Clio #174 WITTWER Martin / Peugeot 205 #176 GOLLIARD Patrick / Alfa Roméo 155 STW #181 FARINE Benoit / VW Golf #187 CASSET Stéphane / Opel Kadett C #188 WARIDEL Yohan / BMW 325 #191 ZWAHLEN Christoph / Opel Kadett C #193 JORAY Sébastien / BMW M3 #194 LO VACCO Fabrizio / Lancia Delta S4 #195 FINGER Marcel / BMW M3 #196 MARIAUX Florent / BMW E30 #202 RINSOZ Steve / BMW E30 #203 WUTHRICH Simon / VW Golf turbo #204 BODSON Yanick / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 #205 NEFF Frédéric / BMW E36 #206 BRATSCHI Ronnie / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 #207 SCHNEIDER Markus / Lancia Delta #208 IANNIELLO Bruno / Lancia Delta S4 #211 BARRAUD Nicolas / BMW 318 #212 CEREGHETTI Aramis / BMW M5 #217 CHIQUITA Jean-Paul / BMW 318 #218 LAUBSCHER René / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8 #219 RUCH René / Ferrari 355 GT #220 BUELER Toni / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6 #239 BRON Pascal / Citroen C2 R2 #241 RERAT Jonathan / Citroen Saxo #242 MARCHAND Pablo / Citroen Saxo #249 SCHMID Dario / Fiat Punto #250 SIPPEL Fabien / Honda Integra #256 BORKOVIC Dusan / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 #261 WERVER Nicolas / Porsche 997 #275 SCHNELLMANN Roger / Mitsubishi Lancer #276 SCHWEIGER Christian / Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7 #861 ZURCHER Thomas / Renault Clio Cup

ALM Racing raw footage PART 1 (AUDI S4, S2 4 wheel drift at Gatebil)
Going through my archive of videos I have found a lot of footage on the brothers Kenneth Alm and Flemming Alm. They are known for their sideways action in their Audis. I will be uploading it in parts so subscribe if you like this. This is footage from all the way back from Autobloggen.net. So thanks to all the guys helping out shooting this. Be sure to check out next week for Part 2 Music: Check out Savant (Aleksander Vinter) Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/artist/savant/124513 Facebook: http://facebook.com/savantdubstep Twitter: http://twitter.com/__savant__ Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/winterpiss

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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