How to add Halo to 03' 350z headlight

ORACLE HALO"S supplied by Advance Automotive Concepts I have not seen a detailed HOW TO for the Halo to i thought i would attempt my first one,

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DIY 350z Custom Headlights PART1
Sorry for a long DIY, but that's how it worked out for us. I tried to make the video as short as possible, but at the same time keep the most important points of the DIY. Thank you for watching! Stay positive! Second part is coming up soon! Here are the lights I used in the video: Demon eyes: h-rgb-demon-eye-headlight-kit-pair/ 24 inch Led Strip: k043001.htm

How to: DIY Custom Black Headlights Pt.2
Part 1 Coming Soon! lol What's up guys! Back at it again with another Episode! In this episode i will be painting my headlights on the 2004 350z. I hope you Enjoy and Make sure to Follow me on Ig: and on snapchat: @ayoblainer. thanks for watching please Like, Subscribe and Share!

350z How to Change LEDs on Your Gauge Cluster
Here is how to replace the LEDs on the Nissan 350z main gauge cluster. Visit today!

350z Custom DRL Demon Knight Rider Ironman Headlights by zLEDs Nissan 350z 06-08 Headlights -Gloss Black -CCFL Ironman Shroud(functional) -RGB LED Ring(show only) -White/Amber Switchback Corner LED Swap(functional) -KNigth Rider White LED Strip (show only AND Functional for DRL) **Delayed Switchback was added later to disable white LEDs while signaling. -Amber Signal LED Strip (Functional) -Red Demon LED Strip(show only)