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GoPro Hero test on Kawasaki Versys Part 1

I love this camera, but can't afford one so I borrowed it. Maybe I'll come into money soon or I can whore myself out to GoPro... :)


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GoPro HD Motorsport HERO - Onboard Camera Versys 2011
Decided to take it for a test. Due to the fasting month, the nearest place to where I'm staying will be the old road to Genting - Batang Kali. Upon arrival... its started raining...

Route 209 - Advocate Harbour to Parrsboro with Go Pro
Late afternoon trip along the twists and turns of route 209 adjacent to the Bay of Fundy on the Kawasaki Versys. Captured courtesy of Go Pro.

Kawasaki Versys - Feature Video With Editors
Kawasaki Versys

Kawasaki Versys GoPro HD - Versys versus GPZ 500s

Kawasaki Versys
a highway ride

2015 Kawasaki Versys 1000 Test Ride & Thoughts
Don't want to call this a review in case some people bring up why didn't I mention any of the technical data and jargon etc. If you follow my channel you will understand I'm looking for an upgrade from my current Honda CB500X. The Versys 1000 is super smooth and has all that power when you need it. It will eat all the miles on highways or twisties so it is a do it all machine. That's if you are a tall person. I find the seat height is a bit too much for me for town riding and it's heavier than the KTM 1050 Adventure, Triumph Tiger 800 or the Yamaha MT09 Tracer. It's a small trade off I guess for all that comfort. Subscribe if you want to follow my motorcycle journey.

Kawasaki Versys 2010 - Velebit downhill - Neon Green soundtrack
Spust niz Velebit 9.7.2011. bez pretjerivanja.

Kawasaki Versys GoPro Bike Cam Video- Highway 12 East Towards LomSak, Thailand 11-28-10
Kawasaki Versys GoPro Bike Cam Video- Highway 12 East Towards LomSak, Thailand 11-28-10

2009 Kawasaki Versys Test ride
My first outing on a new Versys. I was impressed with the Versys, especialy after riding the BMW f650gs just a week prior. Where the BMW lacks the Versys excells. The motor in the Versys is nearly perfect, peppy, tons of top end, and nothing to complain about in the bottom end. The bike has an excelent factory seat and seating postion, but could use a little bit longer seat. The distance between the tank and back seat is a little small for bigger guys. Brakes worked well, but i didn't like the levers, I would like to have a lever with a little bit more bent in it. Gear box is verry positive feeling and you really know when you are in the next gear, or neutral. The factory windshield is average, providing adequate wind protection at highway speeds. Pegs are low and in a comfortable front to back position. Fit and finish on the bike is excelent, and i'm looking forward to adding some accesories and doing a long term ride report. The Versys seems like a well suited street alternative to the great Suzuki V-Strom 650, and a cheaper and better street alternative to the BMW f650gs. The Strom seems to have a larger seating area, but also feels a bit wide and long. One of the things most love about the Strom is also its biggest downfall, the 19" front wheel. It hinders the Strom on the street, but as with the Versys the 17" front wheel seems to hinder it in the Dual Sport market.

Kawasaki Versys 650 2015-Primera Salida
Aquí esta, luego de la larga espera! La presentación de la nueva moto. Bienvenida a la nueva Kawasaki Versys 650 2015!

Test Kawasaki Versys 2010 (MOTO TV)
Nuova versys 2010 ,versatilità a 360 gradi . La terza generazione si rinnova ,esteticamente ed in qualche accorgimento tecnico ,il motore rimane lo stesso , il classico bicilindrico parallelo da 654 cm/q ,ricco di coppia fin dai 2000 giri. ..............Divertimento puro !!!!!!!!!!!! .....................

Kawasaki Versys Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride around Rio Verde Arizona
On road and off road motorcycle ride around Rio Verde area in Arizona. Suzuki DR650, Kawasaki KLR650, Kawasaki Versys 2008.

my Versys kawasaki
fast riding greek roads

Kawasaki Versys with Twin Ixil Exhaust
Comparing Exhausts on the 2008 Versys

A quick overview of my Kawasaki Versys and it's farkles
Recorded on April 28, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.

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