GoPro Hero test on Kawasaki Versys Part 1

I love this camera, but can't afford one so I borrowed it. Maybe I'll come into money soon or I can whore myself out to GoPro... :)

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GoPro Hero test on Kawasaki Versys Part 2
Another awesome demonstration of how rad this camera is. I need to try the handlebar mount too!! I love this thing!

Kawasaki Versys GoPro HD - Versys versus GPZ 500s

Versys Wheelies
Pro Stunter Hollywood B was in town, and stunting a friend's Versys. So far, I've found Pro Stunters to be professional, personable and friendly guys!

Kawasaki Versys
My new Versys first oil change. Had to warm her up, so I took her to the top of Paterson Pass, thats half my commute to work. My son helped me adjust the sag on the shock and fork and it handled much better. I thought I needed to soften the front and rear but after taking the measurement at each end, the front was stiffened and the rear softer and I sped up the rebound at both ends slightly. See my other Video's on, nytrydr2 Donn 2009 Kawasaki Versys