Jetta TDI 3 inch Exhaust

Full Custom Exhaust on Jetta TDI. Exhaust fabricated by Whitbread Performance Innovations.

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2003 Jetta 3" Downpipe + 4" Exhaust
Jetta Exhaust

KermaTDI 3inch Turbo Back Exhaust on 03 Jetta TDI
Added Kermas 3inch turbo Back Exhaust before SOWO this year and it really gives a nice tone and not too loud either. I believe its perfect. Works really well with everything else. I feel like it added some power on the top end. Also have Kerma S7 turbo (23psi), DLC 764, FMIC, OMI pipe, PD150 intake manifold, Southbend Stg 2 Endurance Clutch, Custom Kerma Tune by Charlie.

BRUTAL SOUNDS From a Jetta?!? AWE exhaust is a must have! Part 1
This might be the best Exhaust on the market for any vw. Welcome to RVrecordings! I decided to film a drive in my 2007 vw jetta wolfsburg edition 2.5L. The sounds my car produces I sometimes feel like I'm driving something exotic. Its definitely nowhere near as fast as an exotic car, but it sounds really amazing!! Its fitted with an AWE catback Exhaust system! I hope you guys enjoy watching this video as much as I did making it! Please like and subscribe for more videos like this one. AWE Exhaust Amazon &creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0009IQZH0&linkCode=as2&tag=rvreco-20&linkId=52 f50adc08f38d9bc28fd973717aaaa9

JSP - VNT20 TDI Jetta on the Highway
Pulling away from a 200hp ABA turbo Jetta with ease. turbo installation by JS Performance. Song: Emerge by Fischerspooner