Audi A7 3.0TDI V6 CDUC 331KM tuning i hamownia w DYNOSOFT

Pomiar na hamowni wykonywany podczas indywidualnego strojenia (chiptuningu) samochodu Audi A7 3.0TDI V6 kod silnika CDUC seryjnie 245KM. Po modyfikacjach mechanicznych (większy FMIC, wydech) oraz remapie sterownika uzyskaliśmy 331KM 652Nm. Dyno run performed during remapping Audi A7 3.0TDI V6 engine code CDUC 245HP stock. After fitting custom FMIC and sports Exhaust we achieved 331HP and 652Nm.

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Audi A7 Remapping 3.0 TDI EDC17 Tuner Protected - 295BHP / 595NM show how they remap the engine on the new Audi A7 3.0 TDI. Power goes from 245 BHP to 295 BHP and torque increases from 500NM to 595NM. The latest EDC17 ECU in this car means that it can only be remapped by removing the ECU and TPROT 8/10 passwords need to be obtained before the flash memory can be read out.