Too fast for the german police

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Ghost Rider - The come back ! | 353 Km/h | Wheeling
Voici ghost rider qui est de retour avec une nouvelle performance ! Un wheeling a plus de 353 Km/h sur les autoroutes de Suede ! HAVE FUN ! Twitter :!/FrenchBuzzz

Ghost Rider vs Police GSXR

Police Chase 186 MPH (299KM) Speeder In Victoria Highway Run
A video obtained by police in Canada allegedly showing 25-year-old Randy George Scott of British Colombia riding a motorcycle at speeds reaching at least 186 mph.

German Police vs. US Police *Read Description*
*Important Info* Anthony Graber was arrested, the police seized his PC and camera. He uploaded this video to youtube and than was charged for audio recording of the officer without his consent.He could have faced a maximum of 16 years in prison but the charges were dropped 7 month later. WestriderZ