1170rwhp Twin Turbo Street Viper 9.47 on drag radials

Heffners twin turbo viper goes 9.47@147 on drag radials http://www.gsmvro.com

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Viper Drag Radial Test - Underground Racing
First test run on drag radials with Kyle's Yellow Underground Racing Twin turbo Viper

Twin Turbo Gallardo vs Twin Turbo Viper
2 v10's duke it out, and one of em goes home embarrased

1170rwhp Twin Turbo Viper vs 500 hp C6 ZO6 Corvette
Viper went 9.47 on mild settings with drag redials later in the day, Viper did not get on it till 3rd gear, Vette went 11.XX somthing. Both drivers selected the no time option. See my other videos to see the viper run 9.47 http://www.gsmvro.com

HLLYWOOD's Twin Turbo Viper at Ennis
HLLYWOOD running his twin turbo mamba viper out at ennis on 10/17/07. BTW he let off around the 1/8th mile for some reason and coasted to his time.