1980 MGB Engine performance Video

I am ordering a new Flamethrower Coil and a Vacuum advance unit. It does not have points, ignore that dumb statement in the video. I didnt know. Recently added/replaced parts: Caburator Rebuilt Chrome air cleaner Water pump Heater cable Check valve OE Radiator fan switch Parking switch Spark Plugs Oil and Filter Fuel Filters 1980 MGB, MGB, Porche, Ferrari, Lamborgini, heebeha, Jeff Dean, sports car, british sports car, racing car, convertible

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MGB Restoration, Engine Start up Clip 7
After all machine shop work, rebuilding of the 1800cc, and reinstalling, its start up time. Showing of the oil pressure and Exhaust while running.

1977 Used MGB Pt2 (One month later)
Since posting the first video of the Rod gone bad engine noise, I have sold my interest back to the owner but he contracted my services to rebuild the engine and detail it out. It took a month but I released the vehicle to him last night for a 300 mile break-in drive back home. It only took 18 hours because his Alt crapped out so he purchased a new battery for the rest of the drive but also had a blow out with a RR tire and no spare.

1980 MGB Limited Edition - Tour

MGB Restoration, Machine Shop work and Engine Rebuild Clip 4
Machine work, process of rebuilding MGB 1800 Engine