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QLD Powercruise 2010 22/5/2010

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fast little mazda
QLD Powercruise 2010 22/5/2010

The Ultimate display of POWER - Best powerskids of 2010
Powerskids were started by Gup in his Powercruise events and have fast become one of the most popular events for both spectators and entrants. It's certainly one of the more spectacular driving events to watch. It is also the ultimate display of horsepower. Anyone can rattle off numbers, however powerskids require cars to have big horsepower and to be setup right. We have selected the best Powerskids from the events below(all we attended that had a powerskid comp) : - Gazza Nationals - Winton Performance Car Mania - Queensland Powercruise - Sydney Powercruise - Summer SKidfest

powercruise qld 1 day 2010
afternoon session

tuffstreeters 4 sale powercruise qld 1day 2010
powercruise qld 1 day 2010.back street racing cars. lens was dirty.