Fat Pizza Episode - Mazda Rx3 Test FUNNY

Clip from Fat Pizza S2 Ep1 Mazda Rx3 RTA Driving Test funny - fail

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Police Now Targeting Lebanese - Fat Pizza
Police Now Targeting Lebanese - Fat Pizza

Mock of the new RTA ad targetting male hoons and speeding.

Fat Pizza - McDoggle Fight
scene of the Fat Pizza movie where Paulie fights the McDoggle Clowns

What happens when DAD goes Passenger in a 550 Hp Mazda RX3 Drag Car
Support Australias Number 1 Rotary Channel.. Join our new website!! Click here its free!! http://www.rotorg33k.com/index.php?option=com_community&view=frontpage&item id=110 It takes a long time for your parents to come to terms with that you have a hobby.. a very expensive hobby.. soo.. for all the NO's i got.. it was time.. to finally put my father in the passenger seat!!