7sec Rotary Powered Datsun

Holy crap! How fast is this Datsun coupe?! It's crazy fast thanks to as turbo 13B up front and it was doing low sevens at Supernats in Sydney.

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TOYRNR - Turbo LS1 Bashes the Limiter
Check out out the limiter bashing action from this turbocharged LS1 Torana at Supernats.

MKSV8 - Gets Loose at PCM
Mike reckons his blown big block Statesman makes around 1200hp and with a monster F3R Procharger hanging off the side who are we to argue. It was toasting tyres all weekend at Performance Car Mania but watch until the end where he over does it in the powerskids.

10sec Six-Pot Falcon
Some people have told me I should have turbo'ed the 13s for $1300 Falcon and going off the performance of this car that wouldn't have been a bad idea. It goes like a rocket, but I bet it cost more than $1300 as well. Oh well, too late now. I sold 13s for $1300 two weeks ago.

LSONE On Fire! Who Needs a Blower?
When you've got 5.7 litres of Gen3 Chev V8 shoehorned into the front of your VK Commodore you don't need a blower to blow the tyres off your rims, as Rick Fuller proves at Springnats. Not only does he rev the snot out of this all alloy v8, but he always manages to do a killer skid as well. Unfortunately he had to cut this smoke show short due to a little fire under the car, looked impressive though.