Suzuki GSXR Gixxer 1000 - stand up wheelie on highway

Facebook: Twitter: (MORE...) Suzuki GSX-R 1000 doing a sick stand up wheelie with a GSXR 600 trailing. Street bikes are sick when they do insane motorcycle stunts PHOTOS OF THESE BIKES: ****************************************************** FOLLOW ME PHOTOS: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: ******************************************************

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GSXR Wheelie Vid
This is a little video I put together from Summer of 08, there are a couple yami's in the mix, Jeremiah's on the R6, Cory on the R1, and me on the Gixxer. -Make sure you click "watch in high quality" Song is "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria

Stand up Wheelie 3/4 Mile
this is me doin a stand up wheelie on the Deegan Expressway in NY. its a 2001 gsxr 750 with a stunt sprocket. im not bad for a beginner. 3/4 a mile long. clocked it in my car for the NON believers

2017 Suzuki GSX-R 150 | Race Spec
2017 GSX-R 150 Track Ready bike used in Suzuki Asian Challenge. The new GSX-R150 is the newest addition by Suzuki to the Asian market. It is a sports production, bike, and the riders will be racing on a more sporty bike equipped with Yoshimura Full Exhaust system, front and rear Dunlop tyres, RCB footpegs, RCB Brake Calipers, RK Sprockets and final drive chain and other tweaks. The street version has a size of 2020mm X 700mm X 1,075mm, with an wheelbase of 1300mm. The weight is 131kg. The engine is a 147.3cc bike, with an maximum horsepower of 14.1kW. [We do not own any contents in this video. Credit:-]

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