Mx-6 Magnaflow Dual Exhaust/K&N Intake/magnaflow 14862

1995 Mazda Mx-6 V-6 2.5L/K&N Intake/Magnaflow Muffler

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Varex remote control muffler.
Ignition DVD takes a look at the new noise reducing muffler from X-Force Exhaust.

Dynomax VS Magnaflow!! Mazda MX-6
My 93' MX6 before and after I installed a Magnaflow system. Before that, I had a Dynomax muffler hooked up to stock piping. Now, its all Magnaflow, starting from the CAT, the resonator, and of course, the muffler. To really appreciate the mellow rumble, you need a subwoofer or some goodass headphones. Enjoy!

Mazda MX6 exhaust sound
my 1995 Mazda MX6 with KL engine, Bomz CAI, XS headers, no cat, 2,5" pipes, Michael middle muffler, Magnaflow street series muffler

2011 Ford F-150: Magnaflow performance exhaust
Replaced the Cherry Bomb Vortex muffler with a Magnaflow, deleted the resonator, had a 3" stainless steel pipe put in, instead of the old 2.5"; no clamps now - everything's welded, including the monstrous 4" tip. Cost: $400 all in. Thanks, Quick Muffler from Toronto, Canada! For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here: