Eagle Talon vs Mustang GT500

My 92 talon tsi awd racing a 08 Mustang GT500, don't know mods. At the Cordova Dragstrip. I had a very bad launch and ran a 13.6 I was running on a crappy tune at 15psi on my 20g.. Can't wait to get it to 20-23psi and tuned right! The Mustang missed a gear somewhere too. I later raced him again and we hung side by side until the end he pulled away and got a 13.4 and I got a 13.7

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7 Sec Eagle Talon v.s. 7 Sec Mustang

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MotorWeek | Retro Review: '89 Eagle Talon TSI
A good friend of mine and I test drove his dad's brand new one once...without permission. This is a tribute to that.

Mustang GT vs Eagle Talon
Mustang GT vs Eagle Talon (blows engine) Mustang: BBK long tube headers, BBk shorty x-pipe with highflow cats, corsa axle back, steeda rims springs cai underdrive pullies short shifter, bullydog chip, 4.10 gears and NITTO Extreme Performance tires. Talon: not shure of all the mods, but he was using a Boost controller at 26 psi and blew the engine at the end.